The first participants of the World Chess Cup 2011 arrived in Khanty-Mansiysk

Three chess players and FIDE technical support have arrived in the airport of the Ugorian capital last night on the 24thof August.

The Turkish Grandmaster Esen Baris  as well as Spanish chess players Francisco Valejo Pons  and Ivan Salgado Lopez are already preparing for the tournament.

Other participants of the tournament will be arriving in Khanty-Mansiysk from 25 to 27 August 2011.

The Opening Ceremony of the FIDE World Cup 2011 took place in the Cultural Centre «Ugra-classic» on 27 August, 20.00


As the press attaché of the Cultural Centre «Ugra-Classic» informs, all the guests of the Opening Ceremony were witness the bright and spectacular event. The chess players were surprised already at the entrance to «Ugra-classic». The ornamental column with historic personages, show of chess games played by the young Ugra chess players and models wearing the fashion collection devoted to the World Chess Olympiad designed by Elena Skakun — this was the smallest part of what the organizers prepared to amaze the guests with.

The Opening Ceremony program included the movie demonstration «Ugra is the chess capital», the performance of the art groups of Ugra and country. Besides, the Ugra Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Boris Nodelman performed the pieces of work of the outstanding composers Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart.

World cup: The first round is over

The third day of the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk has finalized the results of the first Round.

In general the favorites have confirmed their reputation after the first two games: Gata Kamsky (USA), Francisco Vallejo Pons (ESP), Emil Sutovsky (ISR), Alexander Morozevich, Igor Lysyj, Evgeny Alekseev (all from Russia), Sebastien Feller (FRA), Wesley So (PHI). We would say that the victory of Ruben Felgaer (ARG) over Vladimir Malakhov (RUS) and the one of the young Yaroslav Zherebukh from Ukraine over his more experienced compatriot Pavel Eljanov can be referred to as unexpected ones. Both matches finished with score 1, 5 — 0, 5 where Felgaer could have won the first game as well having one piece up and a pawn, and he blundered the stalemate idea in the time trouble. In the first game Zherebukh playing White outplayed his opponent and playing Black was defending persistently and achieved a draw.

The multifold French Champion Etienne Bacrot and young American player Ray Robson exchanged victories: in order to play off «a la carte» Robson chose the romantic King’s Gambit and achieved his goal.

7 pairs played two games 10 minutes each. Nikita Vitiugov, Vladimir Potkin (both from Russia), Etienne Bacrot (FRA), Lazaro Bruzon (CUB) and Ni Hua (CHN) got successful at this stage. Peter Heine Nielsen (DEN) twice defeated Evgeny Postny of Israel. One pair reached «Armageddon»: the most stubborn were Alexander Motylev from Russia and Yuri Drozdovskij from Ukraine. We should keep in mind that in the decisive game the additional seconds are added only after 60 moves. Motylev playing Black seemed to have forgotten about the clock: he was confident in the opening, however, left less than 30 seconds afterwards and gradually he simply ran out of time, moreover, the final position of his opponent Drozdovskij was already winning.

World Chess Cup 2011