About CNC

When Mr. Ilyumzhinov defeated his own record by becoming the president of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) again in 2009, he started working on ways how to promote chess and attract sponsors. That is when the idea to market chess through a partnership with a small start-up company called Chess Network Company (CEC) was born. In the past, FIDE was mostly focused on events once at a time and the world championship cycle was inconsistent. These constant changes made it difficult for FIDE to attract sponsorships. This was about to change with CNC getting involved, and at the FIDE Congress in October 2009 the partnership was made official.

CNC was tasked to create a legacy on which to build and keep the interest for chess worldwide, even after the events and tournaments ended. They would promote chess by increasing the media interest, making new chess brands and products and distributing chess news in internet

CNC would not be given all marketing rights immediately but would work in full cooperation with FIDE. CNC will be creating and contracting chess events with the aim to get people more engaged and involved. With the chess in the core, CNC would be organizing promotional activities with the educational component in all of them, hosting celebrities and local leaders to attend and complement chess competitions.

With their extensive experience in marketing, CNC editorial team would be following chess tournaments, matches and games and all other chess-related events. The results will be presented in the media in an interesting and creative way with a goal to attract both chess and no-chess audience. In addition, CNC will be responsible for production and distribution of editorials including interviews with organizers of chess events, players and future talents. They will be bringing stories, photographs and interesting facts about chess, creating BrainGym puzzle and much more.

Chess Network Company (CNC) is the exclusive commercial FIDE partner since the FIDE Congress of October 2009. CNC’s main aim is to help FIDE broaden media interest for chess worldwide and to create a new more relevant image of chess. It will do so by developing new chess related brands and products, by implementing new quality standards of chess news distribution, and by using vast internet resources. Here is what to expect from CNC.


Events (Grassroots to Glory)

Over a period of time, and always with the full cooperation of FIDE, CNC will introduce new events which should be attractive to chess and non-chess audiences. Chess will remain core. Grassroots and promotional activities and the participation of celebrities and world and local leaders complement the chess competition. The goal is to excite, to engage, to inspire, to educate. To develop BrainPower, to maintain BrainFitness. To have many young people join programs like SmartMove.


Media Releases

In the coming months and years, CNC will regularly distribute media releases in an attractive and consistent format. The releases will include official and correct results of the tournaments, matches, games, official comments and other. And there is more. CNC has brought together a high-quality editorial team which will produce and distribute: background interviews with chess players and organizers; stories and interviews with celebrities interested in and playing chess; stories about up and coming chess talents; intriguing facts about chess (E-Chesspedia); artistic photographs; BrainGym puzzles etc.


www.chessnc.com: new chess destination

Following months one will see extensions when more and more relevant items will be added and the site content will undergo constant refinements. In the end www.chessnc.com strives to become a regular destination for the hundreds of millions of chess lovers around the world.