CNC authority

Goals and tasks of CNC (according to the Agreement signed with FIDE)

The main areas of CNC activity will include:

- Developing relationships with global print, broadcast, and electronic media outlets in a way that broadens and enhances the FIDE and CNC audience;
- Creating and developing partnerships with municipalities, regions, and other governmental structures worldwide; - Creating and developing partnerships with leading world chess players; - Developing and implementing new exclusive vehicles for sponsors and advertisers (promotional campaigns for significant events in the chess world, supporting projects and programs, advertising on the pages of the supreme chess web pages, mentions in CNC media releases, celebrity branding, etc.) available through CNC’s media network;
- Developing and finding commercial uses for chess-related intellectual properties, for instance educational methods used in FIDE academies and other chess educational centers managed by CNC;
- Creating an attractive and recognizable image of FIDE and CNC and enhancing the visibility of chess in the general worldwide media. These efforts will result in CNC becoming a major player in information and media services, sports sponsorship, and the administration of chess-related intellectual property.

CNC authority

CNC received from FIDE exclusive commercial rights on:

- Publication of the information about Tournaments, Chess Related Events held under the aegis of FIDE, results of such matches and games and official comments to them;
- Distribution of information about Chess Related Events held under the aegis of FIDE;
- Maintenance and distribution of database of the chess games played at the tournaments held under the aegis of FIDE;
- Organization of new chess events under FIDE support;
- Other rights.