Russian Federation Platov Vasily Nikolaevich (24.03.1881 - 17.07.1952)
Soviet Chess Composers. Vasily was the editor of the studies column in the chess magazine ”Shakhmatnoe obozrenie” (1909-10), Chess 1922-29, 641925-32. Since 1903 has published more than 200 studies mostly together with his brother Mikhail. He performed very seldom at the contests, meanwhile was noted with 30 distinctions including 4 first prizes. The Platov brothers skillfully developed themes such as the battle of two pieces against a queen, luring black pieces onto key squares, and subtle aspects of rook endings. Amazingly beautiful stalemate combinations occur in their studies. A whole series of studies demonstrate tactical abilities of specific pieces, and also defense and attack procedures in the battle between various pieces. The Platov brothers’ progress in study composition was combined with giving priority to the development of the combinative-positional trend. The Platov published “Collected Studies” (1914, 2nd edition 1928) and the compilation “150 Modern Studies” (1925), Whitworth T. “The Platov Brothers. Their Chess Endgame Studies” (Cambridge, 1994).
Updated 10.11.2011