France Marceil Andre (21.12.1902 - 15.05.1969)
French composer. Marceil composed very little but was an excellent writer: he was colomnist in La Vie Rennaise for 5 years, he also wrote for all the French revues before the war (Bulletin de la FFE, Les Cahiers de l"Echiquier,…).

In 1935, he published Les Subtilites du probleme d'echecs. In 1938, he founded the magazine Le Probleme, which was a member of the UFP (Union of the French Problemists). Two editions of the magazine Problemes de Meignant were dedicated to him: Les Subtilites du 2 coups (1965) and Les Subtilites du 3 coups (1968).

Updated 10.11.2011