Czech Republic Mandler Arthur (05.01.1891 - 20.10.1971)
Czech chess composer, International Master1966 and International Judge in Chess Compositions 1956 (year the title was created). A lawyer and a journalist.

Since 1908 has published more than 600 compositions, including 320 problems (mostly many-movers) and 230 etudes.

His work is mainly composed of 'logical" three movers and multiple movers. In 1931, he published a collection of R. Reti's studies and in 1964, he published a book on Rook/Pawn endgames.

His best compositions were published in 1970 in a special edition of the Sachovy Bulletin Sbirka Schovych Skladeb. The editor of the composition column of the magazine FIDE Review 1958-65.

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