Russian Federation Kubbel Carl Arthur Leonid (25.12.1891)
Classic soviet chess composer, one of the founders of the modern art endgame, master of sport of USSR for chess composition (1934).

The editor of the chess columns the newspaper "Novoye vremya" (1913 - 1917), a member of the editorial team of the collections "Problems and endgames" (1927-1930). The author of many theoretical articles on different questions of a chess composition. Engineer-chemist.

Since 1903 made up about 2800 compositions of different genres (preferably, three-move games) and about 500 endgames. Eleven of his compositions are awarded by honors before 1917.

After the Great October socialist revolution he was awarded by 500 honors (including 120 first prizes) at the All-Union and International competitions, he took active part at the work of the All-Union association of lovers of chess problems and endgames.

Kubbel judged 26 competitions out of 61 conducted by the chess magazines "Sharmatny Bulletin" and "Sharmatny USSR". Having great knowledges of all genres of problem and endgame, he has had a great influence on development of the Soviet chess composition.

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Updated 10.11.2011