Sweden Forsberg Henry (15.06.1914)
Swedish problemist. (a) diagram : Helpmate in 2 (b) replacement of the Queen Qa6 with Rook Ra6, (-bQa6 +bRa6) (c) or with Bishop Ba6, (-bQa6 +bBa6) (d) or with Knight Sa6, (-bQa6) +bSa6) (e) or with black Pawn a6, (-bQa6 +bPa6) Frosberg ”Revista Romana de Şah”, 1935 h#2 (3+2) (a) With black Qa6 : Key: 1 Qf6! Sc5 2 Qb2 Ra4# (b) With black Ra6 : Key: 1 Rb6! Rb1 2 Rb3 Ra1# (c) With black Ba6 : Key: 1 Bc4! Se1 2 Ba2 Sc2# (d) With black Sa6 : Key: 1 Sc5! Sc1 2 Sa4 Rb3# (e) With black Pa6 : Key: 1 a5! Rb3+ 2 Ka4 Sc5#
Updated 10.11.2011