Germany D’orville Peter August (1804 - 1864)
The most outstanding problemist before transitional period. Even during his time the phrase ‘to compose like D’Orville’ was a highest praise a problemist could receive. His was exploring and working out a set of direct mates, the problem not quite new that time. But he was more successful than his predecessors. His solutions contain moves that unlikely to be chosen by players, thus problems became an art form unrelated to the game. He was looking for an economy of force and often provided pure mates. These problems are ‘single-liners’, for variations had yet to come inot fashion. Although most of his problems are out of fashion, like conditional problems, even in these big composing skill surpasses that of those who came before him. In 1842 he published ‘Problèmes d’échecs, composes at dédiés aux amateurs de ce jeu’, a collection of 250 of his problems; and even larger number was published in Alexandre’s collection four years later, but that includes several wrong attributions. His family moved to Germany in the 16thcentury and were working in banks, manufactures and trade sphere. August was born and spent his childhood in St. Petersburg. Later his father took over a snuff factory in Offenbach, and his family moved there. Representing the family business, August lived in Antwerp from 1836 to 1842, and during this period composed most of his problems. He lived his last years in Regensburg.
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Updated 10.11.2011