Hungary Bakcsi György (06.04.1933)

Hungarian chess composer, International GM for Chess Composition 1980 and International Judge of Chess Composition 1979. He obtained public recognition in the Helpmate problems. A journalist. Editor of the column of compositions in magazine ”Sakkelet” (1976-85). Author of a series of books, devoted to the chess problems. Since 1949 has published about 1200 compositions of different genres (mostly two- and three-movers, and the helpmate problems).

18 times was the Hungarian champion, was awarded with 800 distinctions, including 125 first prizes. The follower of the strategic school in the problem; prefers sharp, paradox ideas.

Wrote Gondolat and Strategy 1979, Uj Magyar Sakkfeladvany Anthologia1979. “Ungarische Schachproblemantologie” (Budapest, 1983), “En passant felügyelő visszatér” (Budapest, 1985).

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Bakcsi, Gyorgy - Helpmate in 2 moves
1st Prize Europe Echecs, 1971
Updated 19.02.2012