Israel Avner Uri (13.01.1941)

Israeli composer and organizer, International Master in Chess Composition (1993). President of Permanent Commission for Chess Compositions (2006-2010).

One of the best Israeli chess composer, he has composed problems of all genres with great success.

He was the 4 times WCCT champion (3 times in Selfmate section). Chief Editor of “Variantim” (Israel).

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Avner , and Caillaud - Mate in 4 moves
2nd Prize Andernach, 1992
threat 2. Kb2 and 3. Ra6#
1...h1=B 2.e4 Bxe4
( 2...Bg2 3.Rxg2 Nc5 4.Nc7# )( 2...Bf3 3.Nxf3 Nc5 4.Nc7# ) 3.Re2 Nc5 4.Nc7#
2.e3 Bxe3
2...Bf2 3.Rxf2 Nc5 4.Nc7#
3.Re2 Nc5 4.Nc7# *
Updated 23.01.2012