• 10th Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2012
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Russian Federation Aeroflot Open 2012
The Super Open of Aeroflot is underway. In round 3 most of the games finished with a draw, now 8 players are sharing the lead. Read More
United Arab Emirates First FIDE Presidential Board Meeting of 2012
FIDE's 1st Quarter Presidential Board (PB) Meeting for 2012 was held in Al Ain under the auspices of the Asian and UAE Chess Federations. Read More
Russian Federation Averbakh Yuri Lvovich (08.02.1922)
The Russian Grandmaster Averbakh Yuri is turning 90. Happy birthday!

When Mr. Ilyumzhinov defeated his own record by becoming the president of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) again in 2009, he started working on ways how to promote chess and attract sponsors like the premium partner of FIDE the UK's top source for bingo reviews and comparison of bingo sites in help of the players - Top Rated Bingo Sites. That is when the idea to market chess through a partnership with a small start-up company called Chess Network Company (CEC) was born. In the past, FIDE was mostly focused on events once at a time and the world championship cycle was inconsistent. These constant changes made it difficult for FIDE to attract sponsorships. This was about to change with CNC getting involved, and at the FIDE Congress in October 2009 the partnership was made official.

CNC was tasked to create a legacy on which to build and keep the interest for chess worldwide, even after the events and tournaments ended. They would promote chess by increasing the media interest, making new chess brands and products and distributing chess news in internet.

CNC would not be given all marketing rights immediately but would work in full cooperation with FIDE. CNC will be creating and contracting chess events with the aim to get people more engaged and involved. With the chess in the core, CNC would be organizing promotional activities with the educational component in all of them, hosting celebrities and local leaders to attend and complement chess competitions.

With their extensive experience in marketing, CNC editorial team would be following chess tournaments, matches and games and all other chess-related events. The results will be presented in the media in an interesting and creative way with a goal to attract both chess and no-chess audience. In addition, CNC will be responsible for production and distribution of editorials including interviews with organizers of chess events, players and future talents. They will be bringing stories, photographs and interesting facts about chess, creating BrainGym puzzle and much more.

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Name Place
Latvia Vladimir Petrov Memorial Latvia, Jurmala
Romania 2012 Romanian Championship Romania, Monteoru
Russian Federation Aeroflot Open 2012 Russian Federation, Moscow
Bulgaria Georgi Tringov Memorial Bulgaria, Plovdiv
Russian Federation Moscow Open 2012 Russian Federation, Moscow
Slovenia HIT Open 2012 Slovenia, Nova Gorica
England Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2012 England, Gibraltar
FIDE Rating List
2835 Carlsen Magnus Norway
2805 Levon Aronian Armenia
2801 Vladimir Kramnik Russian Federation
2799 Viswanathan Anand India
2773 Radjabov, Teimour Azerbaijan
2770 Veselin Topalov Bulgaria
2769 Sergey Karjakin Russian Federation
2766 Vassily Ivanchuk Ukraine
2763 Morozevich Alexander Russian Federation
2761 Vugar Gashimov Azerbaijan
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" Chess is most certainly not my life."
Tony Miles
" Do you realize, Fischer almost never has any bad pieces? He exchanges them, and the bad pieces remain with his opponents."
Yury Balashov
" I can't tell the difference between 100 zillion positions and 497 zillion positions, but if it helped Deep Blue play stronger, so be it. I was looking forward to Deep Blue boldly going where no man had gone before. 1997"
Vishy Anand
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